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Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
08/01/2017 Kevin Marquette Everything you ever wanted to know about Hashtables
09/05/2017 David Christian Working with Plaster
10/03/2017 Kevin Marquette Working With PSGraph
11/07/2017 Warren Frame TBD
12/05/2017 Shane Young PowerShell and SharePoint Online and On-Prem
02/06/2018 Mark Kraus MVP PowerShell Core 6.0.0 Web Cmdlets In Depth
03/06/2018 David Christian Working with DSC
04/03/2018 Eric Phenix PowerShell GUIs
05/01/2018 Kevin Marquette DSC Class Based Resources
06/05/2018 Kevin and David Dynamic DSC Configuration Data
08/07/2018 Kevin Marquette How loanDepot Leverages Dynamic DSC

Our meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month. Each meetup will start a little after 6:30. Click here for directions.

If you’re passionate about PowerShell and want to present please contact us with your name, topic and when you would like to speak. Remote presenters welcome!